Pat and Sari's Honeymoon Bike Ride

Saturday, March 01, 2008
Springfield, PA to Stone Harbor, NJ
89 miles (89 total miles)

Our trip has finally begun! Friday night there was a forecast of 1-2 inches of snow, but Saturday morning started out 40 degrees and rainy. As we started (at 6:45 am), the rain stopped and it soon cleared up and turned into a beautiful, sunny day. Clouds came and went all day, the temperature was cool, and the winds were fairly strong most of the day. A few times we were lucky and had the wind at our back, but it was tiring to battle the winds all day.

Our house sitter, Therese, graciously got up early to take our picture as we left. Pat's mother, Eileen, also braved the weather to come out and take pictures of us leaving our street (Paper Mill Rd.) and heading up Baltimore Pike. We took Baltimore Pike into Philadelphia (about 10 miles east of us) and stopped at a diner for breakfast. Then we headed a few more miles east to the Ben Franklin Bridge, connecting Philadelphia to New Jersey. New Jersey, at least, was a lot flatter than Pennsylvania, but even the little rolling hills seemed hard with our heavy load.

We have taken the bike to the New Jersey shore a number of times before, but we were obviously in better "bike shape" then (plus we weren't carrying nearly as much stuff!). We rolled into Stone Harbor 11 hours later (8 hours on the bike) feeling pretty tired and sore. Tomorrow morning, we will do the ceremonial dipping of our bike wheel in the Atlantic Ocean before heading down to Cape May, across the Delaware Bay on the ferry, and into the state of Delaware.

Ready to set out on our trip

We're off! Coming out of Paper Mill Rd.

Heading across Baltimore Pike

Our first hill - and we just left!

Breakfast at the Philly Diner in West Philadelphia

Going across the Schuylkill River

Going past Independence Hall

Ben Franklin's kite and key at end of the Ben Franklin Bridge to New Jersey

The entrance to the walkway across Ben Franklin Bridge

The Delaware River, midway across the bridge

Looking back at Sari on the bridge

View of Philadelphia from the bridge

Another view of Philadelphia from the bridge

Looking ahead toward the end of the bridge

A little problem at the end of the bridge

How did they do that?

Grasses along the road in New Jersey

A tailwind blows the grasses along

One of many lakes in Maurice River Township, New Jersey

Pine trees line the road to Stone Harbor

Looking back at Pat along the road