Pat and Sari's Honeymoon Bike Ride

Sunday, September 07, 2008 - Rest Day in Ellwood City, PA

We've spent a very restful day - no route to plan! - visiting with Linda & Jim. In the morning, we enjoyed watching their little pony snacking on the apples from the trees in their backyard. Later, there were 2 huge turkeys wandering around there, pecking on the ground, and a hummingbird came by their kitchen window to sup on the flowers around the door there. We took a walk around their property and enjoyed the beautiful view from their backyard. They plied us with enough food to feed an army and we managed to get through about half of it - all of it was so good. It'll be hard to go back to restaurant food for another week.

It's still hard to believe we're back in Pennsylvania, with only about 325 miles and 7 days to go! It will be a tough week with all the hills, but hopefully we'll be ready for them after all this preparation. We may have saved the hardest part for last, including our 75-mile last day, but we'll have a lot of motivation to push us along!

The view from the back of Linda & Jim's house

The back of their house

The woods along their road

The side of the house